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KIND snack & give back


The KIND Snack & Give Back Project is a multi-year program to inspire kindness and empathy. Through the project, KIND wears its heart on its wrapper by showcasing custom designs and elevating communities that haven’t received their fair share of kindness. With each special-edition bar, we also make a donation to a partnering non-profit organization directly supporting the community in need.

KIND® PRIDE Benefiting the Ali Forney Center

Our multi-year KIND® PRIDE bar supports our long-standing partnership with the Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Since 2020, KIND has illuminated the New York City skyline with the largest rainbow light display to ever light up Manhattan, paying tribute to those who have marched and advocated for equality.

We also pledged our commitment to the community by signing an amicus brief in support of LGBTQ+ worker protections, with the trio of cases leading to a landmark Supreme Court decision for workplace protections.

We are proud members of the Human Rights Campaign’s Business Coalition for The Equality Act, a coalition of companies seeking to further bolster federal protections for the LGBTQ+ community.

KIND® HEROES Benefiting Hope For The Warriors & The National Alliance on Mental Illness

To give thanks to the American military community, we launched our KIND® HEROES bar in 2019 to benefit Hope For The Warriors, an organization that provides assistance to combat wounded service members and their families.

In 2020, we expanded our support for those who keep us safe to include healthcare and frontline workers. Proceeds of our 2020 KIND® HEROES bar were donated to the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) to support their mental health programs for healthcare workers, first responders, military service members and veterans. In partnership with NAMI, we launched petitions directed at several state licensing boards that continue to ask invasive mental health assessments in determining a physician’s fitness to practice.

KIND® EQUALITY Benefiting the Alice Paul Institute & the National Collaborative for Health Equity

In honor of International Women’s Day in 2020, we launched KIND EQUALITY, a multi-faceted program to support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), a monumental constitutional amendment that would guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. To rally support, we unveiled the EQUALITY Bot, a service for Americans to text their support for the ERA’s adoption to state senators, alongside the introduction of a special-edition KIND® EQUALITY bar 100% of the proceeds of the KIND® EQUALITY bar were donated to the Alice Paul Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing gender equality.

In 2021, our KIND EQUALITY bar returned to advocate for the true equality of all people. The program deepened our commitment to support the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community with a partnership and donation to the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE), an organization striving for racial justice to create a more equitable society for all Americans. In addition, KIND made new actions across the areas of racial justice, education, food & health, and representation because our work to achieve true equality – for all – is far from over.

To learn more about all of these programs, you can visit our Media Center.