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our journey inspiring kindness


KIND was founded in 2004, committed to the belief that business can be a force for social good. We believe the kindest thing we can do is create snacks that lead with nutrient-dense ingredients like whole nuts, whole grains or whole fruits. But that hasn’t stopped us from aiming to inspire kindness in our community too.

Kindness has and will always be part of our DNA. We have always sought to develop projects and programs to reflect where we could make the greatest impact. Today, our signature programs include the KIND Snack & Give Back Project and The KIND Foundation’s Empatico.  

Here is snapshot of some of our past programs aimed at inspiring kindness:

#kindawesome was a program that helped celebrate and inspire everyday acts of kindness. For every kind act recognized through the program, we celebrated that person with a KIND® snack and another #kindawesome card to pay it forward. Through this program, our team and community celebrated over 300,000 kind acts.

• KIND People: The KIND Foundation's KIND People program awarded a total of $1.1MM to 7 individuals transforming their communities through kindness. Read their stories here.

• Pop Your Bubble: After research showed only 1 in 5 adults regularly seek out friends who have different perspectives, The KIND Foundation took action. Through this social experiment, we fostered 65,000+ connections between Americans of different backgrounds and viewpoints. Learn more here.

• KIND Causes: Through this program, we issued a $10,000 grant to a socially-impactful organization each month. Over 4 years, KIND and The KIND Foundation supported 48 organizations by providing these grants and mentoring select winners. Learn about our past winners here

• KIND Schools Challenge: The KIND Foundation and Making Caring Common (a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education) invited middle- and high-school students to submit projects to make their school communities kinder and more inclusive. The Foundation provided financial support and mentorship for 20 ideas. Check them out here.

• Entrepreneurship Summit: This event, co-hosted by The KIND Foundation and Venture for America, was inspired by KIND’s belief that for-profit businesses can drive social change. Nearly 300 social entrepreneurs spent the day learning from each other and our team. Read more here.